Woman tiles bathroom with $77 worth of pennies ‘that no one can ever spend again’ in wildly viral TikTok video

Benz Seo

(NEXTAR) – Penny for your thoughts on this woman’s bathroom renovation?

A woman on social media has gone viral after “tiling” her bathroom floor with pennies, but at least one eagle-eyed viewer has given her reason to doubt the DIY job.

Over the past year, Jordan Darian has been documenting the renovation of her and her husband’s LA-area home on TikTok, sharing videos of the upgrades they made to the exterior, interior, and even the reupholstery of some of her chairs. But it was her idea for the bathroom floor that earned one of her recent videos over 22 million

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A Day in the Life of Top Austin Realtor Kumara Wilcoxon

Benz Seo

Austin real estate is on fire, and no one knows it better than Kumara Wilcoxon. 

The Malibu, California, native moved to Austin 21 years ago for a job in tech. Since then, she’s sold over $1 billion worth of property. 

And this year, she’s busier than ever: Austin has become a wildly sought-after hub for migrating tech workers, financiers, companies, and coastal transplants over the last year. Corporate giants from Google to Oracle have announced expansions in the Texas capital over the last year, and the metropolitan area population grew over 3% in 2020, according to the US Census, making

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Bring the Alfresco Vibes Inside With These 5 Dining Room Decor Ideas

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Over the past year, you’ve likely used your dining room for more than just eating. The COVID-19 pandemic forced many of us to use that valuable square footage for daily Zoom meetings, remote education sessions, and way more. After racking up hours upon hours staring at the same walls, fixtures, and furniture, it’s high time you give this space a refresh.

To provide you with a dose of inspiration, we spent this past week scouring all our favorite posts from the design gurus of Instagram, and rounded up the following dining room decor trends.

With lush green accents and botanical

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Interior designer lists the 10 things you shouldn’t have in your home after 30

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Time to get rid of that corkboard. Photo / Unsplash

If you’re over 30, congratulations – your Thermomix catalogue is on the way.

Let’s face it, as we get older, there are some new things to embrace on the home front and some old things you have to leave behind.

Below are 10 of the latter.

Your share-house mattress

Your mattress should be treated like Joan Rivers treated her face: Replace it every 10 years.

If you still have the one you owned in your share house (or worse, your

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Man Surprises Girlfriend by Transforming Her Bathroom Into a Beach

Benz Seo

When a man traveling to a coastal city for work couldn’t take his girlfriend along, he decided to surprise her by bringing the beach to her instead—and was met with mixed reactions.

David, who lives in Toledo, Spain, was visiting Valencia for work, but he couldn’t take his girlfriend with him. Not wanting her to miss out, he filled up bags with sand and plastic bottles with ocean water before heading home, documenting his efforts in a video for TikTok.

At his girlfriend’s house, he emptied the sand all over her bathroom floor, in the bath, and in the sink.

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City already approving home improvement grants for northwest area | News

Benz Seo

When Owensboro City Commissioners approved the creation of “community catalyst grants” in April, the idea was to give developers access to funds to fix and improve homes in northwest area, without having to go through the red tape associated with federal grants.

Since then, the program has resulted in almost $300,000 in private dollars being committed to northwest home and rental rehab projects. That’s more than double the amount of city grant funds approved so far.

“It’s going to be a lot of local dollars invested, but the community deserves that,” said city Community Development Director Abby Shelton on Friday.

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