The Best Star Wars Decor That Doesn’t Scream Star Wars

Adelicia Caree

It’s that time of year again—time for us to commemorate that day squeezed in between May 3 and Cinco de Mayo, that day when sci-fi fans across the galaxy say to one another, with a wink and a nod: “May the Fourth Be with You!” But even if every Star […]

It’s that time of year again—time for us to commemorate that day squeezed in between May 3 and Cinco de Mayo, that day when sci-fi fans across the galaxy say to one another, with a wink and a nod: “May the Fourth Be with You!” But even if every Star Wars acolyte knows that May 4 is a completely made-up holiday, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with it, right? More and more with each passing year, that fun now extends beyond the usual licensed merchandise into the realm of home decor. A number of these pieces and accessories don’t initially look like Star Wars decor at all; some could even be called—dare we say it?—stylish. (Unfortunately, the coolest Star Wars furniture we’ve seen to date is still not widely available to the U.S. market.) So read on for our favorite Star Wars–themed home goods and decorative objects that any fan would be proud to display on May 4—and on every other day of the year, too.


Star Wars 6.75″ Appetizer Plate, 4-Pack



With their loose, freehand drawings of Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and Princess Leia set against washed-out ombré blues and greens, these plates—a brand-new release in honor of Star Wars Day this year—could almost pass muster at your next dinner party. Almost.


Endor Framed Wall Art

Gallery 94


Now here’s a print of a serene misty mountainside that would fit great in any living roo…wait a minute, is that an Imperial Shuttle I see in the distance? This one takes subtlety to new heights so that you can show off the forest moon of Endor, made famous in Return of the Jedi, without most people ever noticing.


Star Wars White Rebel Symbol Black Pouf Ottoman



Here’s another piece that could blend right in to almost any decorating scheme; only a closer inspection reveals that the clover shapes are actually a riff on the icon of the Rebellion.


Dark Side Damask Charcoal Rug



At first glance—are you sensing a trend here?—this doesn’t read as a “Star Wars rug” but rather a chic damask pattern. This one or any of the others in this fun collection of washable rugs from Ruggable would be a welcome addition to the floor of any true fan.


AT-AT Outdoor Lantern



Continuing with the same theme—you could easily picture a few of these lanterns lined up along the perimeter of a pool or a patio, candles flickering within, and it might only be at the end of your gathering when you tell your guests that, why yes, those are in fact silhouettes of the fierce AT-ATs from The Empire Strikes Back.


“Botanic Wars” Acrylic Tray

Josh Ln


With this tray, you can have it both ways—some strategically placed objets inside it could completely obscure the spaceships and Stormtrooper helmet. Or, you could hide the flowers instead and let your fan flag fly.


Death Star Steel Fire Pit

Cedar Creek Sculptures


We know that fire pits are, um, very hot right now. So why not keep your summer outdoor entertaining going late into the evening with what looks like an abstract sculpture but is really the Death Star in progress? (Just use it safely to ensure that the crackling embers don’t lead this Death Star to a similarly explosive fate.)


Death Star Wall Hook

This unassuming hook would work well in a child’s room, sure. But maybe also in your entryway? You decide.


Death Star Cheese Set with Tools

You may notice a number of Death Stars on this list—after all, its classic spherical shape lends itself to any number of accessories. This one is sure to make your next picnic or outdoor gathering a blast.


Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie



$169.99 (32% off)

There’s no shortage of artistic Star Wars books on the market. But if you’re looking for one to display on your coffee table, you should opt for this two-volume set, which takes a deep dive into the concept art behind the iconic films.


R2-D2 Lamp

Pottery Barn


This lamp is tailor-made for a child’s bedside table. But we won’t tell anyone if you put it in your den instead.


Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board

Promi Design


You don’t leave your cutting boards on your kitchen counter all the time, right? Then you can certainly pull this one out of the cabinet (in less than 12 parsecs) for your next meal prep.


Duo 6-Quart Pressure Cooker, Darth Vader

Instant Pot


Similarly, you probably also keep your Instant Pot hidden away when it’s not in use. Which is all the more reason to have a fun one to take out when it’s time to make dinner.


R2-D2 Toaster



OK, you got us—this one screams Star Wars and isn’t fooling anybody. But sometimes you just need an R2-D2 toaster in your life.

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