Elements to consider in hiring a home-improvement contractor

Adelicia Caree
By Marty Morse
Special to The Enterprise

Securing and hiring a remodeling company can be a cumbersome task for any homeowner. Finding accurate answers to questions you may have can be difficult to sort through with the amount of information found on the web.

By breaking down the nuts and bolts of this endeavor, I was able to define five important elements to consider when hiring a contractor to work on your home.

* License and insurance: The first and most important element is to check the status of the Contractor’s License and make sure they are current with their

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Mrs. Dow Jones reacts to a real estate appraiser who earns $280,000

Adelicia Caree

Terrence Bilodeau knows how to hustle. The 35-year-old takes a salary of $280,000 per year as a real estate appraiser and realtor in Fort Worth, Texas. He also owns and manages 10 rental properties, in addition to the home he lives in and a vacant lot.

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Bilodeau works as much as he can, often seven days a week. To him, any time he takes off is time he’s not getting paid.

Haley Sacks, better known as Mrs. Dow Jones, is impressed by his work ethic. “That’s a lot of properties

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Ornate Stuy Heights Limestone With Wood-Filled Interior, Working Dumbwaiter Asks $2.75 Million

Practically bursting at the seams with details, this 1890s Stuyvesant Heights beauty is sure to appeal to lovers of Gilded Age interiors. Elaborate woodwork, pier mirrors, a columned divider with stained glass, mantels, pocket doors, built-ins and a working dumbwaiter are just a few of the details to be found inside.

Designed by 19th century Swedish architect Magnus Dahlander, the limestone at 242 Decatur Street in the Stuyvesant Heights Historic District is one of row of houses that contain some of the most lush interiors in the neighborhood. Constructed by developer Eli H. Bishop between 1894 and 1897, the 25

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Luxury condominium boasts “open concept bathroom” with no walls or doors

In college, my friends lived in a dodgy apartment where the bathtub was in the kitchen. But that’s nothing compared to this newly-renovated luxury condominium in Boston that features an “open concept” first floor bathroom with no walls and no privacy, except for a narrow piece of frosted glass beside the toilet. You could move right in for $899,000. From Boston magazine:

The first time he saw it, listing agent Robert Nichols’ jaw dropped. He’d seen open-concept showers before, sure, but a toilet? “I was like, ‘Man, was this designed for an exhibitionist?’ That literally was my first

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10 Home Improvement Tips That Will Transform Where You Live

By Jane Lucas

If you have just purchased a house and have all the excitement of a complete home renovation project ahead of you, or have recently been looking over your outdated home wondering what you could do to spruce it up, then read on. Here is a run-through of ten home improvements tips that could transform where you live for the better.

1. Reface The Exterior

Excellent curb appeal instantly elevates a house to the next level, and if you can afford to, refacing your home is a brilliant way to achieve this. Recladding or rendering the exterior brickwork

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The Venice Real-Estate Market Is Unstoppable No More

The property Jordan Mazer bought in December is the classic Venice beach house in more ways than one.

The $2.225 million clapboard house is close enough to a local surf break that Mr. Mazer, a 33-year-old human-resources executive for a videogame company, can run to it with his surfboard tucked under his arm. Another thing that makes his property emblematic of the neighborhood: He paid $213,000 less than the buyer in 2018, and $450,000 less than the buyer in 2016. The home, for which he paid over $1,000 a square foot, is near the beach but also near the Venice … Read More