Lebanon County real estate transfers (Feb. 15 to Feb. 28)

Adelicia Caree

Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County. Annville Township 313 East Main StreetHuggins J. Allie to Huggins J. and Tawanna M. Allie for $1. 764 East Maple Street Lots 42, 43, and 44Nancy L. and Michael P. Mariani to Justin N. ODell, Leah C. Hollowell for […]

Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

313 East Main Street
Huggins J. Allie to Huggins J. and Tawanna M. Allie for $1.

764 East Maple Street Lots 42, 43, and 44
Nancy L. and Michael P. Mariani to Justin N. ODell, Leah C. Hollowell for $185,000.

Bethel Township

132 East Main Street
Hannah Boyanowski, Jordan S. Andino to Jordan S. and Hannah Andino for $1.

1348 Greble Road
Robert L. and Tiffany J. Kupp Jr. to Robert L. Kupp Jr. for $1.

269 South Center Street
Gary A. Shirk to Peter and Christine G. Klassen for $100,000.

City of Lebanon

1131 Walnut Street
Robert A. Nunez to Reputable Streamline Properties for $32,500.

129 South 2nd Street
Rick L. and Monica L. Clay, RMRR Properties to Alexandra A. Stehman, Mary E. Bateman for $120,000.

1317 Lehman Street
Edgardo M. Millan, Odalys M. Crespo to Odalys M. Crespo for $1.

1553 Elm Street
James R. and Wendi J. Donmoyer Jr. to Gabrielle E. Donmoyer for $110,000.

1597 Berry Drive Lot 20
Judith A. Dourte, Jared M. Daubert to Shirley A. Hoffa for $190,000.

21 North Sixth Street
Benito J. and Maria M. Seguinot to Janet D. Heiser for $72,000.

214 Chestnut Street
Patricia O. Cassel to William R. Hartlieb Jr. for $113,300.

225 East Cumberland Street
Linda A. Fox to CY Properties for $55,000.

264 South 6th Street
Pauline Modica to Lady Whistle Town for $1.

311 South 11th Street Lot 18
Steven S. and Erin E. Bates to John V. Deraco for $145,000.

312 Taylor Street Lots 16, 17, and Part of Lot 18
Harry A. Weaver Estate, Kayce J. Doris to Harry Weaver III for $110,000.

333 North 11th Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Nabil Ayar for $110,000.

36 North 12th Street
Andrew D. Wingle, Scott M. Patrick to for $0.

411 North 10th Street
Gazelle Investments Inc. to Richard R. Gan for $4,522.

416 North 4th Street
MPL Homebuyers LLC to Ashley L. Shyda, David L. Centini Jr. for $95,000.

434 North Seventh Street
Jeffrey A. and Tammy M. Marks to Edwin A. Oquendo, Sarai S. Maymi for $89,900.

436 East Lehman Street Lot 269 and 270
Harry W. and Michelle Ward to ARY 786 LLC for $285,000.

439 Chestnut Street
Chestnut Street Partners to StarrWar Properties, Starr War Properties for $75,000.

600, 602, 604 North 10th Street and 931 Guilford Street
Preston C. and Danielle M. Gingrich to Eric J. Patches for $106,000.

938 Chestnut Street
Wilmer and Elaine Martin to Premier Home Solutions for $80,000.

Cleona Borough

102 East Penn Avenue Lots 44 and 45
Edward R., Mary M., and Desiree Morasco to Tony J. and Jennifer R. Troiano for $270,000.

103 West Chestnut Street
Kathryn P. Sattazahn Estate, James R. Sattazahn to Edward A. Toyer, Kristine Koontz for $194,000.

210 West Walnut Street
Debra M. Connelly to Paxson Hayes for $135,000.

7 West Penn Avenue Etc. Corrective Deed
Louis A. Diangelis to Adam C. Grube for $1.

Cornwall Borough

1032 Bell Tower Drive Unit 454
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Kevin A. Rupp, Kimberly J. Watson for $280,874.

1228 Ash Lane
Jeanette L. and Alan McTegart to Alan McTegart for $1.

1305 Douglas Fir Cove Lot 346
Joseph D. and Patricia V. Harris to Paul L. and C. Maria Dicroce for $431,000.

539 Hemlock Lane Lot 23
Jeffrey S. and Kimberly K. Smith, Brandon Arnold to Patricia Richardson for $311,000.

East Hanover Township

16 Lions Lane
Justin M. and Danielle Stehr to Justin M. and Danielle Stehr for $1.

664 West Main Street Etc.
Ray M. and Ruth A. Funck to Ruth A. Funck for $1.

WS Crooked Road
James J. Cikovic to Kevin and Shen Kreiser for $325,000.

Heidelberg Township

124 Woodcock Drive
Bradley and Susan Roberts to Thomas J. and Denise A. Livingston for $5,000.

124 Woodcock Drive Lot 3
Bradley and Susan Roberts to Bradley and Susan Roberts for $1.

150 Sinclair Road
Doris E. Binkley to Rodney S. and Jerrita L. Burkholder for $275,000.

Jackson Township

120 Country Lane Lot 24
Jeffrey J. and Jennifer L. Rosengrant to Kyle D. Rosengrant for $380,000.

16 Scenic Drive Lot 275 Block B
Stanley J. Lienti Estate, Robert S. Lienti to William R. and Rosanne M. ODonnell for $175,000.

18 Beverly Drive Lot 60
Michael L. Anderson to Donald R. and Julia M. Musser for $172,500.

31 Wheatland Drive Lot 21
Wayne E. Darkes Jr. to Benjamin K. Pantzer for $250,000.

34 Arbor Drive Lot 208 Block C
Donald A. and Mary J. McKeon Sr. to Brian D. and Kathryn L. Klinger for $215,000.

4 Arbor Drive
Sylvia L. Hoffman to Sylvia L. and Eugene R. Hoffman Jr. for $1.

4 Trego Drive Lot 35
Larry E. and Wanda M. Rabold to Derek M. and Trisha K. Rabold for $1.

41 Arbor Drive Lot 21 Block B
Doris K. Towers, Marybeth Jensen to Phillip G. Hays for $185,000.

422 Golf Road Lot 45
Clyde Z. Martin to Clyde Z. and Rosene J. Martin for $1.

64 Eisenhauer Road Lot 5
Clifford J. and Rocinda K. Nolt to Kyler Martin for $206,000.

71 Gable Drive Lot 29
Christina E. and Eric L. Andrews to Hilltop Investment Properties for $175,000.

75 East Rosebud Road
Marjorie A. Wright, Elisabeth A. Ross to Derek R. Martin for $95,000.

Jonestown Borough

117 South Lancaster Street
Lloyd R. and Ann L. Ritchie to Ritchie Family Revocable Living Trust, Lloyd R. and Ann L. Ritchie for $1.

25 North King Street
Twila I. Gerberich Estate, Joyce I. Winters to Kristi Weierbach for $85,000.

36 South Walnut Street
Jeffrey Schott to Jose A. R. Garcia for $130,000.

Millcreek Township

10 Garden Drive Lot 247
Natalya Queen to Shelby P. Umbenhauer, Kyle Becker for $267,000.

101 East Main Street
Solomon Street to Patrick and Carolyn Yordy for $130,000.

145 Richland Road Lots 16 and 17
Leon H. Horning Revocable Living Trust, Edna L. Horning Revocable Living Trust, Leon H. and Edna L. Horning to Nathan R. Rutt for $275,000.

18 Treeline Drive Lot 125
Yevgeniy V. and Marina Shcherbakov to Jesus T. Hernandez for $310,000.

2 Sites Street
Gerald G. and Barbara L. Zerr to Jason and Michele L. Angstadt for $30,000.

310, 311, and 312 West Park Street
Dale Weyandt to Jason J. and Mandy S. Ulrich for $65,000.

320 West Main Street Corrective Deed
Stephanie B. Sheidy to Stephanie B. Sheidy, Stacy L. Sloat for $1.

713 State Route 419
Andrea P. Ayala to Daniel J. Fillman for $130,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

210 Brown Avenue Lots 260, 261, and 262
Ronald D. and Rosa J. Serota to Brian R. Zeigler for $275,000.

Myerstown Borough

355 West Carpenter Avenue
Jacob J. and Hannah M. Walmer to Kyle D. Wenger for $100,000.

North Annville Township

1732 Thompson Avenue
Northwest Bank to Central PA Express LLC for $85,000.

805 North State Route 934
Ella M. Klepper to Jessica K. Merante for $176,900.

WS Thompson Avenue
James M. and Clyde B. Meyer to Clyde B., Carolyn L., Michael D., and Rodney S. Meyer for $1.

North Cornwall Township

125 South Mill Street
Brian K. Eisenhour to Annalisa G. Artale, Nicholas A. Manuel for $239,900.

1501 Quentin Road
1501 Quentin Road to 1501 and 1501A Quentin Road for $2,978,431.

201 South Mill Street
Dash Management Group to Robert E. and Carole A. Bean Sr. for $244,900.

2100 and 2102 Walnut Street
Gary T. and Lucinda A. Matthew to Donald L. and Sandra A. Podjed for $90,000.

234 South 22nd Street
Mildred M. Whitman Estate, Warren E. and Dale G. Whitman Jr. to Warren E. Whitman Jr. for $1.

2370 West Oak Street Lot 8
Michael K. and Cyja Kelly to Skye C. Allsop, Victoria A. Long for $947,500.

244 Weymouth Drive Lot 50
Nicholas Lewis, Theresa Simaska to Nicholas Lewis, Theresa Simaska for $0.

273 South 23rd Street Lot 8
Leon J. Skillman Estate, Amy J. Skillman to Amy J. Skillman for $1.

7 Greystone Crossing Lot 116
Jeremy D. Pochatko to Lucas B. and Limi R. Ndaro, Elisha P. Kitula for $325,000.

738 Farmwood Lane Unit 88
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Lori Shanko, Susan Carlson for $198,710.

740 Farmwood Lane Unit 87
Builder Services Group Inc., Kenneth Homes to Jennifer Valencia, Giovanni R. Rodriguez for $176,060.

North Lebanon Township

10 Primrose Lane
Jerry W. and Sharon F. Shaak to Steven and Susan Alger for $315,000.

1001 Cider Lane Lot 1
Dawn E. Rueppel to Shane J. and Melissa K. Garland for $334,900.

1120 Baldwin Street
Melissa M. Sellers to Josie G. Martinez for $155,000.

1518 Rolling Meadow Road Lot 124
Mt. Pleasant Ventures, Gerald S. Musser Builder to Joseph A. and Lauren A. Crowe for $306,331.

1525 Sholly Avenue
Agnes Finkle to Melissa A. Swyers for $1.

2408 Long Lane Lot 3
Dawn M. Heffner Estate, Dale P. and Jason M. Heffner to Dale R. and Betty J. M. Derr for $184,900.

827 Garden Avenue Lot 8
Eleanor E. Myers Estate, Lee A. Hanner, Susan A. Schwartz, Jane A. Kohr to Marco Benitez for $171,000.

884 Richard Drive Lot 15
Alexander N. Ginnetto Jr. Estate, Gary Hoke to Castle Stone for $136,500.

903 Lantern Drive Lot 2
Michael T. and Trudy M. Gates to Donald A. and Mary Jo McKeon Sr. for $220,000.

932 Maple Lane Fiduciary Deed
Arthur M. Keller Jr. Estate, Kristin M. McLerran to Nolmin Enterprises LLC for $230,000.

NS Hill Church Road Lot 7
Larry P. and Kathleen M. Minnich to Hunter Creek Partners for $53,900.

North Londonderry Township

70 Millstone Drive Lot 260
Tyler L. and Jenna K. Douglas to Tyler L. and Jenna K. Douglas for $1.

703 Cambridge Court Plot 36
Jeffrey S. Hoch to Roxanne Hoch for $150,000.

722 Cambridge Court Plot 55
Jeremy B. and Emily Miller to Christi M. and Brian K. Patrick for $164,800.

Palmyra Borough

119 West Main Street
Gregory J. Kaiser Sr. to House Cash for $120,000.

208 West Walnut Street
Millard S. and Barbara A. Stephens to Bruce R. and Penny L. Hummel for $225,000.

243 West Walnut Street Lots 290, 291, and Part of Lots 289 and 292
Crystal A. Fausnacht to Crystal A. Fausnacht for $1.

32 Sandalwood Drive Lot 12
Elizabeth M. McCall to Alan E. and Connie M. Fake for $210,000.

410 West Main Street
Sandra K. and Alexander E. Valencia Jr. to Andrew D. Bell, Tamara S. Gillette for $168,500.

430 West Maple Street Lots 128 and 129
Brian K. and Christi M. Patrick to Jesse and Taylor Patrick for $155,000.

439 North Chestnut Street
WIlliam G. Mead, Dorothy Greeninger to Dorothy Greeninger for $1.

984 East Maple Street
Richard K. Maxwell Estate, Scott Little to Jasmine A. Araiza for $135,000.

Richland Borough

105 East Main Street
Dolores J. Peters to Lori A. Peters for $1.

South Annville Township

(UPI #29-2312268-363072-0000) Unit 12 Building 22
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Nicole Sauder for $229,234.

(UPI #29-2313857-361618-0000) Lot 74
Gardel, Pine Hill at Lebanon LLC to David and Michele Szkolnicki for $428,890.

(UPI #29-2313940-361281-0000) Corrective Deed
Youthearith Sokhan, Laklita Sor to Gardell, Pine Hill at Lebanon for $1.

(UPI #29-2314137-361669-0000) Lot 65
Gardel, Garman Builders at Bachman Run to Kendall and Christopher C. Gardepe for $395,109.

22 Finch Drive Lot 92
Naba and Yashoda Mainali to Stephen G. Sharp for $375,000.

39 Blue Jay Way Lot 46
Benjamin and Christy Mootz to Michael D. and Marcella A. Long for $389,900.

679 Fieldstone Drive Lot 91
Eric and Sarah Jorzik to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC for $385,000.

679 Fieldstone Drive Lot 91
Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Binita and Sangita Tamang for $385,000.

South Lebanon Township

(UPI #30-2341311-360943-0000)
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC, Reading Road Corporation to James L. and Karen M. Geib for $493,017.

112 Linda Way Lot 20
Narrows Glen Inc. to Alexander and Darlene K. Toscano for $485,816.

120 Homestead Drive Lot 14
John H. and Cheryl L. Schaeffer to Luke A. and Marsha A. Marchant for $395,000.

138 Wheatstone Lane Lot 100 Quit Claim Deed
Sarah E. Salvo to Sarah E. and Thomas V. Salvo IV for $1.

148 Wheatstone Lane Lot 98
Tony J. and Jennifer R. Troiano to Brittany Jefferson for $187,000.

1710 South 5th Avenue Lot 1
Diane L. Vogel to Mary E. Collins, Sharon R. Kodosky for $259,900.

2024 State Drive
Mildred M. Whitman Estate, Warren E. and Dale G. Whitman Jr. to Eric D. Whitman for $1.

2321, 2325, and 2331 South Lincoln Avenue
Mildred M. Whitman Estate, Warren E. and Dale G. Whitman Jr. to Dale G. and Christine Y. Whitman for $1.

544, 528, and 550 East Cumberland Street
Casim Inc. George E. Christianson to Coldtree Real Estate for $369,000.

9 Rutherford Circle
Reading Road Corporation, Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC to Thomas R. and Christina M. Deose for $407,773.

South Londonderry Township

(UPI #31-2295911-347520-0000) Unit 228
Henry S. Weber Jr. Estate, John C. Weber, James N. Clymer, Fred C. Raffensperger Jr., Springbrook Farms Inc., Pusey & Raffensperger Builders Inc. to Steven L. and Laurie J. Wolfe for $60,550.

141 Schoolhouse Road Lot 3
Thomas S. and Julie L. Ditmer to Thomas S. Ditmer for $1.

2764 Horseshoe Pike
Healing Tree International Inc. to 2MK Holdings for $720,000.

46 Palmyra Road Lot 1
Palmyra Road Property LLC to Philip D. and Marissa R. Miller for $226,000.

550 Royal Road Lot 30
Joseph J. and Susan Kishel to Kinzi L. Blair for $450,000.

SS Lawn Road Lot 2
John D. R. Christman, Anthony J. Balshy to Christine M. Pierce for $200,000.

Swatara Township

(UPI #32-2325110-398670-0000) Lot 17
Huntilar Corporation to Jose A. R. Frias, Grace M. Matias for $262,371.

123 Lighthouse Drive Lot 61
John C. and Caroline L. Jernigan Sr. to Shauna Hoyer, Richie Hernandez for $164,000.

200 East Hazel Street Lot 28
Scott M. Patrick to Lori A. Poorman for $201,000.

5 East Behney Street Lot 5
Timothy L. and Donna M. Boltz to Boltz Family Revocable Living Trust, Timothy L. and Donna M. Boltz for $1.

516 Darlington Avenue Lot 10
Huntilar Corporation to Gary E. Sutton for $192,578.

8 Spruce Lane
Patricia Binner to Charles P. and Tara L. Kern III for $1.

West Cornwall Township

1 East Park Avenue
John R. and Alice Cooper to James R. Cooper for $1.

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