How to Avoid the 5 Worst Bedroom Interior-Design Mistakes

Adelicia Caree

MAKING conference calls from under the covers was once a sick-day anomaly. Now, of course, you can spend a whole workday supine, with your boss none the wiser. But when you blur the borders between desk and duvet, said Brooklyn designer Highlyann Krasnow, “it becomes much more difficult to view the bedroom as a sanctuary.”

The need to compromise our inner sanctums so we can WFH has turned Mik Hollis’s pre-Covid pet peeve—TVs and other screens in the bedroom—into a bête noire. Once the factory whistle blows, the Pasadena, Calif., designer said, “homes need at least one space that is

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17 Best Interior Design Books 2021

Adelicia Caree

Regardless of how much of a design buff you are, there’s always room for a bit of inspiration now and again. An interior design book, which is a simple way to dress up your coffee table, desk, or bookshelf, can amp up your decorating skills. Whether you’ve longed for a more stylish living room, a cozier bedroom, or a relaxing bathroom retreat, this collection of interior design books is filled with more than enough tips and tricks to inject personality into your home.


“Live Beautiful” by Athena Calderone

In Live Beautiful, Athena Calderone, the creative force behind the

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Mutina interiors by OEO Studio in Modena

Adelicia Caree

Casa Mutina Modena is an immersive showcase of minimalist interiors

Designed by OEO Studio, Casa Mutina Modena comprises four apartments showcasing Italian tile brand Mutina’s entire range. The immersive setting merges iconic design with a calming interior scheme

Italian tile company Mutina launches a new interiors service, previewed with a new space in the heart of Modena. Dubbed Casa Mutina Modena and located in the historical town centre, the project comprises a series of apartments that offer an immersive view of the brand’s products. The spaces are fitted out and furnished to showcase a curated mix of colours, textures and

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Mockingbird Trail home wins award for interior design

Adelicia Caree

A year-old, 7,200-square-foot home on Mockingbird Trail earned recognition this month for its interior design.

Kaywell Interiors, a West Palm Beach-based interior design firm that works with many properties in Palm Beach, won the 2020 Design Excellence Award in Transitional Interior Design from the Florida South chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Transitional interior design refers to a mix of traditional and modern furnishings, fabrications and decorative features. Kaywell Interiors was recognized for its design work on a home that is more than 3,000 square feet.

More:Landmarks commission approves renovation plans for historic Queens Lane

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17 Interior Design Books to Help You Create the Home of Your Dreams

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A Detailed Guide For Where To Buy Your Next Rug Online

Just like building a house, great interior design starts with a strong foundation — and a strong foundation often starts with a rug. In a digital era marked by the overabundance of choice, making such weighty decor decisions online instead of in-store can feel overwhelming. We may not be interior decorators but we’re pros in navigating the vast world of e-commerce, so we’re here to help you along your virtual rug journey.There’s a lot to consider when picking out your floor art (yes, that’s what we’re calling it).

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Cosy home interior tips: How to make your home feel cosy

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A splash of warm-coloured paint on the walls makes a huge difference.

Harry Cole, Founder of Loom & Last said: “Add a cosy-appeal to a neutral room by switching out soft furnishings for warmer hues.

“Opt for a rich palette of terracotta, forest green and golden hues, offset by gentle greys and heather shades for a timeless and tranquil feel.”

Nina Tarnowski, Founder & Designer for Woodchip & Magnolia recommends using darker paints instead of neutrals.

She said: “Consider swapping out brighter colours and stark white walls for deeper and more sumptuous shades.

“A common misconception is that dark

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