Quick Interior Designer Tips for a Bedroom Refresh

Adelicia Caree

We shuffled the whole house around in adjusting to the new normal last spring: We split the garret attic into two study nooks for the kids. My husband carved out an office area for himself behind the pantry—just enough space for floor-to-ceiling Ikea bookshelves and a small desk to Zoom from. I, meanwhile, have taken to Zooming for work from the living room, with my former tiny office now functioning as a miniature workout room, with TRX straps bolted to the wall and stocked with a flotilla of meditation cushions, balance boards, and body rollers. There’s one space we

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Interior Designers Share What Outdoor Items to Get Rid Of

Adelicia Caree
  • Professional interior designers share the items in your outdoor space you should get rid of. 
  • Old patio furniture and French bistro sets may soon date your property. 
  • Lawn ornaments and holiday lights can look unstylish.
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Home design shouldn’t stop at your front door – keeping your yard and patio looking good can elevate your space’s aesthetic.

So Insider asked interior designers about the things you should toss from your outdoor space to keep it looking chic. 

Lawn ornaments almost never look good

lawn ornaments

Lawn ornaments can detract from the look of your home.



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reflective curtains divide tokyo home’s raw concrete interior by endo architect and associates

Adelicia Caree

endo architect and associates has built ‘tsunagu house’ in tokyo‘s ota ward with a raw concrete interior, and an exterior wrapped in galvanised steel sheets. the home is planned to be conscious of ‘sustaining and updating’, with exposed services to equip residents for future changes. minimalistic industrial shelves complete the project’s interior, together with reflective curtains that can be used to divide the open plan space. all images courtesy of endo architect and associates



endo architect and associates has developed the design concept of ‘tsunagu house’ with the aim of creating a total integration between architecture and engineering system. ‘as

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AIA celebrates outstanding American interior design

Adelicia Caree

A desert retreat, a wood-carved theater, and a former shipyard are three standout projects that feature in the 2021 Interior Architecture Awards. Join us as we take a look at the best new interior design that the United States has to offer, as chosen by the prestigious American Institute of Architects (AIA).

The Interior Architecture Awards is an annual award by the AIA that represents the most innovative interior spaces created by a US-licensed firm. According to the AIA, its five-member jury evaluates entries based on their design achievement, including sense of place and purpose, ecology and environmental sustainability and

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Upcycled furniture ideas: Tips from an interior designer

Adelicia Caree

It wasn’t that long ago that my husband sent me a text while walking our dog. It was a photo of an old kitchen table and four chairs that had been tossed out by a neighbor.

The pieces had “good bones,” as they say, but since the full extent of my furniture upcycling skills up until that point had been spray painting flower pots for my garden, I wasn’t sure what he expected me to do with the old dining set.

Courtesy Terri Peters

“If there’s anyone who can make it perfect for our house, it’s you,” he texted.


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Interior Designer Shares Things You Should Get Rid of in Your Home

Adelicia Caree

As the founder of and interior stylist at DBF Interiors, I’ve seen my fair share of outdated trends and overworn items, and there are probably a number of them in your home.

Read on to learn a few things I think you should get rid of as soon as possible.

White walls can be drab and boring, switch it up with some bold colors and patterns

int design 2

Toile wallpaper is fun and interesting to look at.

Photo courtesy of DBF Interiors

Getting rid of your colorless white walls adds some personality and visual interest to your living space.

Explore jewel-toned

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