A website is offering $1,000 for someone to binge-watch home improvement shows | World & Nation

Adelicia Caree

If you feel like watching home improvement shows causes you to spend more money on your remodeling, here’s your chance to earn some cash while binge-watching “Fixer Upper.”

The website ReviewHomeWarranties is offering to pay someone $1,000 to watch 10 episodes of three different home improvement shows.

The shows chosen by the website to watch include “Curb Appeal,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Fixer Upper,” “Flip or Flop,” “Flipping Out,” “HGTV Design Star,” “House Hunters,” “Property Brothers,” “Rehab Addict” and “This Old House.”

The selected candidate will have to watch at least 10 episodes of the three shows within a month

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Paint Sales Boosted by Pandemic-Driven DIY Home Renovation Boom | Ohio

Adelicia Caree

CLEVELAND, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — While the global market for paint and coatings dipped in 2020 due to weakened construction and manufacturing activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the residential market for architectural paint provided a key bright spot.

In January, Sherwin-Williams reported record sales for the final quarter of 2020, citing increased DIY repainting activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic among the key factors.

In the US and some other countries with similarly strong DIY cultures, the pandemic drove a surge in DIY home renovations, as residents – who were spending more time at their residences and working

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Website offers USD 1,000 to binge-watch 30 episodes of home improvement shows

Adelicia Caree

If we told you that you will get paid USD 1,000 for binging 30 episodes in a month, what would be your reaction? We are sure many would probably be up to the task and instantly say yes. Who wants to skip out on the opportunity to grab such a whopping amount of cash, right?

Well, a home warranty review website is offering to pay someone USD 1,000 to binge-watch at least 30 episodes of home improvement shows in a month. Yes, you read that right.


We all love home décor or renovation clips, but

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What the Better Business Bureau wants you to know

Adelicia Caree

SUPERIOR, WI– The spring weather means it’s the perfect time of year to get down and dirty remodeling your home or taking on a new improvement project.

It also means scam artists are lurking in the neighborhood, waiting to take advantage of people needing a hand.

The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau said scammers usually approach homeowners between March and October.

Nick Olson, President and CEO of Andersen and Hammack, said you should do you your research before letting a contractor into your home.

“The main thing to do is go on the Minnesota Department of Labor website or the Wisconsin

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Rise in residential alterations permits indicative of home improvement craze | Premier

Adelicia Caree

If your neighborhood has been filled with construction noise over the past year, if you’ve seen an unusual number of people hanging onto ladders or hammering on rooftops, an increase in permit applications for residential alterations might offer at least a partial explanation.

According to the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department database on pprbd.org, a total of 61,996 total permits were approved in 2019 for El Paso County residents looking to perform major construction work on their homes, like installing new air conditioning systems, building new decks and working on electrical systems. Last year saw that number increase by

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After tough trip, UNA baseball seeks home improvement | Sports

Adelicia Caree

The last time the North Alabama baseball team was at home, the Lions got a three-game sweep of Lipscomb.

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