Midnight Mania! MMA trainee starts GoFundMe following viral bathroom brawl with University of Oklahoma wide receiver

Adelicia Caree

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The clip below was featured on Monday’s column. It was widely popular already, but it’s only grown more viral since then, and now details and consequences are beginning to emerge.

Walker Brown is the “MMA trained fighter” who puts a beating on University of Oklahoma wide receiver Spencer Jones. Though the video appears to show Jones as the aggressor prior to the big punches and takedown, it’s never possible to gather the full story from such brief clips.

Brown has started a GoFundMe, intended to help pay for both medical bills and legal fees.


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Former St. Charles amusement center worker admits videotaping girls in bathroom | St. Charles

Adelicia Caree

ST. LOUIS — A Lincoln County man pleaded guilty to federal charges Monday and admitted secretly videotaping children at a St. Charles amusement center where he worked and at an acquaintance’s home.

Jeffrey Dale Eisenbath, 31, admitted placing a hidden recording device in the women’s bathroom at Adrenaline Zone on Jan. 8, 2018, that captured nude images of a toddler and a girl, according to his plea records. A co-worker discovered it a week later and called St. Charles County police. A subsequent search of Eisenbath’s home uncovered more than 600 images of child pornography, his plea records said.


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Philadelphia police ID man arrested for rape inside bathroom in Center City Macy’s

Adelicia Caree
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Philadelphia police have identified the suspect who has been arrested for the rape of a woman inside a bathroom at a Macy’s store in Center City.

Jaleel Uqdah, 22, was arrested at his home in the 1200 block of North 53rd Street in West Philadelphia around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Uqdah is charged with rape, robbery, aggravated assault and related offenses.

Police say tip calls led to his arrest.

Captain Mark Burgmann, who heads the Special Victims Unit, stated that once inside Uqdah’s apartment that evidence was discovered.

“We were able to execute a search warrant at the

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Oklahoma football player Spencer Jones injured in viral bathroom fight

Adelicia Caree

The video of Oklahoma football player Spencer Jones getting into a fight at Logie’s on the Corner in mid-February has been viewed more than 8 million times just five days after it was posted.

Police weren’t called at the time of the incident, which began near midnight Feb. 13 in Norman.

On Feb. 16, Jones spoke with police by phone after suffering a serious eye injury in the fight, according to reports. Jones’ is the only name listed on the report, which lists the Oklahoma holder as the victim of assault and battery.

“All involved parties have been identified,” the

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Video Shows Bathroom Brawl Involving Spencer Donald Jones

Adelicia Caree

Viral video shows a Oklahoma University wide receiver on the wrong end of a brawl that happened earlier this month in the city of Norman. Judging by the initial case report obtained by Law&Crime, cops are looking at this as an assault and battery case, and described football player Spencer Donald Jones, 23, as the victim. No arrests have been made, though authorities said everyone involved has been identified.

Footage shows that at

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Judo Chump: Bathroom bullying leads to men’s room fracas

Adelicia Caree

As I’ve said many, many times here and there, at some point in his life every man thinks he can rap, and every man thinks he can fight. The results of this delusion often range from unbelievably hilarious to really truly terrible mistakes were made.

Today’s entry comes courtesy of Old Row Oklahoma, where a video from late last week surfaced with a wild display of street MMA.

A young man identified as OU football player Spencer Jones appears to have gotten verbally bold with a smaller fellow in the men’s room of a local drinking establishment. Unfortunately, Jones

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