Delia Kenza Turns a Basic Brooklyn Bathroom Into a Modern Retreat

Adelicia Caree

When Delia Kenza was first commissioned by a client to renovate her Brooklyn apartment, the bathroom wasn’t part of the plan: “We did a gentle renovation,” recalls the designer. “At the time she thought, ‘the bathroom is okay, I can live with it.'”

Fast forward a few years, and Kenza got another call: “She was like, ‘Okay, I’m tired of this bathroom—let’s get it done,'” Kenza says. Luckily, since the client had already entrusted Kenza with the rest of her home, she was open to letting her take the reins for the subsequent reno.

“I had kind of developed a

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Bathroom doesn’t have walls in $900K home for sale

Adelicia Caree

If you’ve always dreamed of an open-concept toilet, this house is for you.

A Boston home for sale on Zillow that appears to be normal and quaint is actually anything but.

The newly renovated four-bedroom, three-bathroom property — in foreclosure — is listed at a whopping $899,000. However, one of the bathroom layouts is pretty crappy.

It starts the moment you walk through the front door, where a bathroom is on the left side of the open-concept space.

Although the listing states three full bathrooms, this bathroom is missing one main component: a wall.

Photos of the property were first

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‘Open-concept bathroom’? Boston condo has bathroom with no door or walls — and it’s for sale

Adelicia Caree

This newly renovated condominium in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston requires an open mindset about privacy.

To get into the main bathroom on the first floor, you do not need to twist a doorknob or slide a door — because there is no door. Or walls. The bathroom is a free-flowing “open-concept bathroom,” which apparently has become a trend in bathrooms over the past couple years, according to Elle Decor.

“Open-concept bathroom” in Jamaica Plain condo (MassLive Real Estate Listing/Boston Trust Realty Group)

On one hand, you’ll never not know if the bathroom is occupied. On the other

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Luxury condominium boasts “open concept bathroom” with no walls or doors

In college, my friends lived in a dodgy apartment where the bathtub was in the kitchen. But that’s nothing compared to this newly-renovated luxury condominium in Boston that features an “open concept” first floor bathroom with no walls and no privacy, except for a narrow piece of frosted glass beside the toilet. You could move right in for $899,000. From Boston magazine:

The first time he saw it, listing agent Robert Nichols’ jaw dropped. He’d seen open-concept showers before, sure, but a toilet? “I was like, ‘Man, was this designed for an exhibitionist?’ That literally was my first

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NYC woman discovers hidden room behind bathroom mirror

Please note some graphic language appears in the media used in the following article.

At least there weren’t any bees.

In a twist that appears to be straight out of the 1992 horror flick, “Candyman,” a woman living in NYC discovered a secret room hidden behind the bathroom mirror of her apartment.

The woman—known by her TikTok username “samanthaartsoe”—uploaded her journey leading up to this startling find onto the social media platform. In the first part, she describes how, upon feeling cold, she notices that a strange breeze is coming from her bathroom.

“So, I start searching,” she tells viewers.

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‘Candyman’? TikTok user removes bathroom mirror of NYC apartment, discovers hidden secret

Adelicia Caree

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is this apartment the creepiest of all?

A New Yorker was in for a spooky surprise when she went hunting for the cause of a draft — and found an abandoned apartment behind her bathroom mirror.

Samantha Hartsoe has rocked TikTok with a shocking tour of the disturbing discovery, in a four-part video saga posted to the platform on Wednesday and Thursday. Hartsoe’s first clip announcing the alarming news has been viewed 7.5 million times.


“I’m in my New York Cirty apartment,

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