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‘To build a Japanese home, we first open an umbrella to create shade over the location, and in the dim light of that shadow we construct our house,’ Jun’ichirō Tanizaki writes in his seminal collection, In Praise of Shadows.

Ruminating on the character of the Japanese aesthetic, Tanizaki reasons that if the Japanese house is an umbrella (shunning sunlight and embracing the warmth of shadows with its deep eaves) then the Western house is a hat – one with ‘as small a visor as possible to permit the sunlight to reach far beneath the eaves.’

Tanizaki was writing in

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NYC woman discovers hidden room behind bathroom mirror

Please note some graphic language appears in the media used in the following article.

At least there weren’t any bees.

In a twist that appears to be straight out of the 1992 horror flick, “Candyman,” a woman living in NYC discovered a secret room hidden behind the bathroom mirror of her apartment.

The woman—known by her TikTok username “samanthaartsoe”—uploaded her journey leading up to this startling find onto the social media platform. In the first part, she describes how, upon feeling cold, she notices that a strange breeze is coming from her bathroom.

“So, I start searching,” she tells viewers.

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The Home Improvement actor Zachary Ty Bryan had his life and career take a fall: Accused then Pleaded Guilty. Find out what happened.

The child actor in the 90s sitcom Home Improvement, Zachery Ty Bryan accused of domestic violence and further pleaded guilty. Read below to find out what happened.

About: Zachery Ty Bryan Messed Up Life

Zachery Ty Bryan certainly has changed a lot after starring in 90s America’s famous sitcom Home Improvement.

Back then Bryan used to play Brad Taylor; the eldest son of the protagonist Tim Taylor; performed by the Last Man Standing actor Tim Allen. But now it appears his career as well as his life, is falling apart at the seams.

After the end of the television series

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Dogtown’s socially distant St. Patrick’s Day plans include decor, photo ops | Hot List

Adelicia Caree

The pandemic has canceled big St. Patrick’s Day parties on the streets of Dogtown for two years now,

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‘Candyman’? TikTok user removes bathroom mirror of NYC apartment, discovers hidden secret

Adelicia Caree

Mirror, mirror on the wall, is this apartment the creepiest of all?

A New Yorker was in for a spooky surprise when she went hunting for the cause of a draft — and found an abandoned apartment behind her bathroom mirror.

Samantha Hartsoe has rocked TikTok with a shocking tour of the disturbing discovery, in a four-part video saga posted to the platform on Wednesday and Thursday. Hartsoe’s first clip announcing the alarming news has been viewed 7.5 million times.


“I’m in my New York Cirty apartment,

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To DIY or not to DIY: the home improvement dilemma

Adelicia Caree

With so many binge-worthy home renovation series available on streaming services right now, it seems like we’re all taking intensive home & décor classes. A few seasons in and you’re already feeling like a professional ready to take on the most difficult home improvements projects you can think of. It’s no wonder so many people are gearing up for big renovations around the house, confident they’ll do a great job, regardless of the challenges.

But the truth is, there’s a big difference between feeling like an expert and actually being one. Revamping your bathroom or giving your kitchen a face-lift

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