Sensibill Releases The Barcode Report on Home Improvement Spending Trends

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TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sensibill, the leading provider of everyday financial tools and SKU-level insights, shares this month’s Barcode Report on home improvement trends, leveraging item-level receipt data to deliver the world’s deepest and most relevant insights into everyday consumer spending.

The Barcode Report transforms the SKU-level data derived from digital receipts into consumable and actionable facts, providing organizations with rich information about consumers’ spending habits, life stages and psychographics, such as values and lifestyles. In this report, Sensibill focuses on both U.S. and Canadian consumer spending behaviors around home improvement projects, while also leveraging the data to predict

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Zillow Looks Ready to Dominate the Online Real Estate Market

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These reports, excerpted and edited by Barron’s, were issued recently by investment and research firms. The reports are a sampling of analysts’ thinking; they should not be considered the views or recommendations of Barron’s. Some of the reports’ issuers have provided, or hope to provide, investment-banking or other services to the companies being analyzed.

Zillow Group


Buy Price $123.80 on May 5

by Canaccord Genuity

Zillow’s first-quarter results came in strongly ahead of estimates, as Premier Agent revenue growth accelerated again, amid continued housing-market tailwinds. The Homes segment also experienced strong growth and delivered another quarter of

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Ignore These Outdated Interior Design Myths

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Like fashion, interior design styles are both cyclical and constantly evolving. (Except it’s much less depressing seeing the model of your family’s old sofa in a vintage furniture shop than it is seeing a young person wearing a (19)90s “costume” for “retro” day at school.)

Anyway, there are a number of factors at play that determine the way we decorate our homes, including our budget, aesthetic preferences, and health concerns. Though some trends come and go, others have morphed into widely accepted conventions that many people don’t think to question—despite the fact that

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Niecy Nash Explains Why Having Separate Bathrooms Is “The Only Way To Stay Married”

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Don’t use her toothbrush, close the door when you go to the bathroom, and if you use the last of anything, replace it!

Those are the rules when it comes to bathroom etiquette in relationships for Niecy Nash. We broached that topic with the Emmy-nominated actress because she’s partnered with Charmin to help launch a BRB (Be Right Back) Bot. It’s a digital AI-powered twin that swaps out your live video feed when you’re on Zoom calls so you can “enjoy the go” without anyone knowing you’ve stepped away from your meeting.

“They’ve walked us through it. Showed us

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5 Home-Improvement Tips to Boost Your House’s Resale Value

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Truth be told, you might not need much help selling your home quickly in Houston these days. Houses are flying off the market.

But inching up that sales price—potentially into the next tier to attract those coveted buyers with looser purse strings? Now that never hurts.

According to the National Association of Realtor’s 2021 Profile of Home Staging, roughing 23 percent of homes that are staged sell for a higher rate. The folks at, a remodeling industry website and cost expert, took that data and realtors’ recommendations to determine which projects around the house would give

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BBB tips for finding a home improvement contractor

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The warmer weather has got many people thinking about making some home improvements. You’ve had all winter to think about what you would like to change about your home.

Some people might have thought about it since quarantine. According to the 2020 Home Improvement Trends Study by Lightstream, 77% of homeowners were going to make home improvements in the year 2020.

On average homeowners spent around $11,473 when improving their home, according to Wakefield Research. Whether you’re looking to renovate the kitchen, bathroom or another room, finding the right contractor is important.

The Better Business Bureau offers tips for finding

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