2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Interior Aims for New Heights of Tech, Luxury

Adelicia Caree
  • Mercedes-Benz has revealed photos of the EQS electric luxury sedan’s interior.
  • The available dash-spanning Hyperscreen infotainment display is a showstopper.
  • The 2022 EQS will be fully revealed on April 15 and should go on sale this summer.

    This is the first detailed look at the 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS, an all-electric luxury sedan coming to streets near you soon. While mechanical and performance details will have to wait, Mercedes has shown photos of the interior and given us details on this EV’s design ahead of its production launch. The EQS will offer a dashboard-spanning infotainment screen (as well as a more

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    Paint Sales Boosted by Pandemic-Driven DIY Home Renovation Boom | Ohio

    Adelicia Caree

    CLEVELAND, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — While the global market for paint and coatings dipped in 2020 due to weakened construction and manufacturing activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the residential market for architectural paint provided a key bright spot.

    In January, Sherwin-Williams reported record sales for the final quarter of 2020, citing increased DIY repainting activity amid the COVID-19 pandemic among the key factors.

    In the US and some other countries with similarly strong DIY cultures, the pandemic drove a surge in DIY home renovations, as residents – who were spending more time at their residences and working

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    Rick Caruso Firm Accepts Bitcoin For Rent Payments

    Adelicia Caree
    Rick Caruso (Getty, iStock)

    Rick Caruso’s eponymous real estate firm is embracing cryptocurrency.

    The Fairfax-based investment company will begin accepting rent payments in Bitcoin across its retail and commercial properties, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    The firm also said it spent 1 percent of its cash reserves on Bitcoin and entered a partnership with Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange led by Tyler Winklevoss.

    “We’ve allocated a percentage of what would normally go into the capital markets into Bitcoin,” Caruso said, in an interview with CNBC.

    The move makes Caruso the largest real estate operator in the U.S. to accept Bitcoin

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    Next Gen” Winner, Founder of Nubi Interiors

    Adelicia Caree

    Alice Morgan/Rob Pryce/Lando Entertainment

    Interior designer and founder of Nubi Interiors Carmen Hamilton has just secured her place in Design Star history, with her recent win on its spinoff series Design Star: Net Gen. During her time on the show, Hamilton won over judges and viewers who loved her southern charm and the attention to detail in all of her design projects on the show. Want to know more about Carmeon? Read on to get to know the on-the-rise talent.

    1.She calls Memphis home

    Hamilton was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee—and she is a proud Memphian! So much so,

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    Website offers USD 1,000 to binge-watch 30 episodes of home improvement shows

    Adelicia Caree

    If we told you that you will get paid USD 1,000 for binging 30 episodes in a month, what would be your reaction? We are sure many would probably be up to the task and instantly say yes. Who wants to skip out on the opportunity to grab such a whopping amount of cash, right?

    Well, a home warranty review website is offering to pay someone USD 1,000 to binge-watch at least 30 episodes of home improvement shows in a month. Yes, you read that right.


    We all love home décor or renovation clips, but

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    Millions will enter housing market in 2021: Zillow

    Adelicia Caree

    In what will be known to future generations as the Great Reshuffling, a recent Zillow survey showed that more than 1 in 10 Americans reported moving in the past 12 months, either by choice or by circumstance. And now, with the COVID-19 vaccine circulating and the economy slowly regaining strength, Zillow researchers say millions of additional households could enter the housing market in 2021.

    Among the surveyed movers, approximately 75% reported moving for positive reasons, such as being closer to family or friends or living in a desired part of the country. That’s a major cause of the Great Reshuffling

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