Covering Pandemic Impact on Home Improvement

Adelicia Caree
by Kenechi Anigbogu March 31, 2021
(“House lights turned on” via Pexels, CC BY 2.0)

Depending on who you ask, the amount of free time that the pandemic has brought people can be seen as either a blessing or curse. Nonetheless, as most retirees will attest, newfound free time allows for ample opportunity to start or complete various projects around the house that have been put on the back burner. This has led to a significant uptick in the home improvement industry.

With more time at home, flaws around their houses become more apparent to consumers. That increased time

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Titan Home Improvement Announces Coral Gables Headquarters, Appoints New Leadership to Guide Aggressive Expansion

Adelicia Caree

He will be joined in the C-Suite by incoming Chief Growth Officer Artemio Garza, whose experience includes leading marketing for high-growth private-equity backed companies such as Driven Brands and Burger King Corporation.

“The growth prospects in our industry are tremendous right now,” said Gluck. “Titan is a leader in bringing technology and advanced analytics to a space where they haven’t really been leveraged before. Our goals are ambitious, and we plan to ramp up fast with best-in-class talent. We are aiming to capitalize on the talent that

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NYC exodus will end in April, real estate analyst predicts

Adelicia Caree

A local real estate analyst predicts that New York City’s long-running exodus, which precedes the COVID-19 outbreak last year, will end in April.

“Fewer people are leaving the city and more are returning,” reports Nancy Packes Data Services, following a study conducted with Eastdil Secured

Those two trend lines will finally cross paths this month, when the number of households moving into New York City should exceed the number leaving for the first time since at least January 2019 — the first month cited in the report.

Departure rates out of New York quickly accelerated in March 2020:

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What to do about a cold bathroom that chills the whole house?

Adelicia Caree

A: It’s not uncommon to have a bathtub on an outside wall with a window above. Before bathroom fans became standard, a window there might have seemed like a good way to get steamy air out of the room after a shower. But a window in a wall with a shower is very prone to leaking. Windows are designed to keep out rain from the outside, but on a shower wall, spray can also blast the inside. Covering the window with a shade when someone is showering helps prevent water from getting into the trim and eventually rotting out the

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3 Golden Rules for Starting a Real-Estate Investment Business

Adelicia Caree

Use these three rules to create a sustainable real-estate business.

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There are numerous ways to create, develop and begin a new real-estate business. While it may sound easy, creating a long-lasting profitable business is hard. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Fundera, a staggering 70 percent of business eventually fail.

What can you do to ensure your real-estate business is not one of these statistics?

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West Elm Launches a Collection of Fair Trade Home Decor for Kids

Adelicia Caree

West Elm

There’s no minimum age for design lovers: West Elm has just launched a new collection of children’s decor and, we’ll admit, we’re coveting some of it ourselves! The collection includes around 200 new pieces in styles ranging from boho to midcentury modern. Even better? The majority of it is from Fair Trade-certified and sustainable manufacturers. From an eye-catching solar mobile to a modern nursery rocking chair, this collection has something for every budding aesthete. See our favorites below!

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Planet Ceiling Mobile

This unique hanging mobile is handpainted and serves as both

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