Interior designer shares best Target home decor for March

Adelicia Caree

Rework your current layout by integrating this minimalist, wooden armchair.

This armchair is both trendy and functional.


Newhart told Insider that this tufted, wooden armchair is trendy and affordable. With neutral tones and clean lines, it can seamlessly and functionally integrate into almost any living room. 

“It’s also upholstered, because after a year at home, if there is one thing we know well, it’s comfort,” Newhart said. 

She added that this chair can also help to slightly rework your current furniture layout so your space can feel fresh after all this time at home.

Reduce clutter in your home

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Delia Kenza Turns a Basic Brooklyn Bathroom Into a Modern Retreat

Adelicia Caree

When Delia Kenza was first commissioned by a client to renovate her Brooklyn apartment, the bathroom wasn’t part of the plan: “We did a gentle renovation,” recalls the designer. “At the time she thought, ‘the bathroom is okay, I can live with it.'”

Fast forward a few years, and Kenza got another call: “She was like, ‘Okay, I’m tired of this bathroom—let’s get it done,'” Kenza says. Luckily, since the client had already entrusted Kenza with the rest of her home, she was open to letting her take the reins for the subsequent reno.

“I had kind of developed a

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Celebrating Our Spirit: Home improvement projects soar

Adelicia Caree

LIMA — With myriad financial questions surrounding the lingering coronavirus pandemic, it would be reasonable to assume homeowners have been keeping their spending habits close to the vest, holding off on home improvement projects until a degree of predictability could be detected in the unsteady employment market.

Industry experts, however, say just the opposite has proven true.

From July through September of last year tracked 330 million U.S. Google searches for home improvement work — up almost 50% from the same period the previous year.

A Consumer Specialists survey of more than 600 homeowners conducted in June 2020 revealed

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Black Home-Decor Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Adelicia Caree

If you’re anything like me, being at home a lot more than usual this past year has made you rethink a lot of things in your home that you see every day, like the clutter (oh, the clutter), the keepsakes, and the bedspread you’ve had for years. But in addition to just looking at my stuff a lot more closely, I also moved, which made me go through everything with a more critical eye. Your home is meant to be your safe space, a true oasis, and a place that sparks joy, and finally having a new space that I

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Bathroom doesn’t have walls in $900K home for sale

Adelicia Caree

If you’ve always dreamed of an open-concept toilet, this house is for you.

A Boston home for sale on Zillow that appears to be normal and quaint is actually anything but.

The newly renovated four-bedroom, three-bathroom property — in foreclosure — is listed at a whopping $899,000. However, one of the bathroom layouts is pretty crappy.

It starts the moment you walk through the front door, where a bathroom is on the left side of the open-concept space.

Although the listing states three full bathrooms, this bathroom is missing one main component: a wall.

Photos of the property were first

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Former Larimer real estate agent charged with theft, money laundering

Adelicia Caree

A former Larimer County Realtor turned himself in at the Weld County Jail on Tuesday after being charged with stealing more than $850,000 from at least 15 victims in a Windsor condominium deal. 

Bret Lamperes, 51, of Berthoud, under the name Investments of Windsor LLC, sold 29 condominiums in the Grasslands Park project in 2015, but only eight of the 29 condos were built, according to the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.

He is charged with theft, money laundering, two counts of filing a false tax return and tax evasion. Investigators believe he stole $852,510 from 15 victims who invested

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